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The Secret to Long-Term Weight Loss is Having the Right Partner
Have You Had Your Annual Weight Screening Yet?

Weight Loss Program

We offer the most comprehensive program in the Tri-state area to help you lose weight and keep it off.
Below is some important information you should know about our Weight Loss Program:

  • Initial consult is only $25! Get a free life will be fat burner, and meet with the Doctor one-on-one
  • CMWL uses a body Composition Analysis scale which helps you to calculate your body fat, body mass and water percentage for effective weight loss
  • Individualized behavioral counseling to make lasting liftstyle changes
  • We have a variety of programs and products to choose from

  • Online patient portal which has personal progress reports in progress char, nutrition and exercise tips, helpful articles, and over 2000 recipes that are 500 calories or under with an active online community
  • Many insurances pay for the doctor visit and we would check for eligibility at your initial appointment
  • Availability of prescription medication if needed to achieve desired goals
  • Availability of natural products that are both safe and effective

How It Works

Learn how Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss programs and plans work.

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The Facts

Get the facts about Ashland Integrative Medicine Center for Medical Weight Loss and weight loss in general.

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Success Stories

Read some success stories from real people that has and still are on/using the Center for Medical Weight Loss programs and plans.

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Helpfull Articles

Read some helpfull articles about exercise, weight loss, and keeping the weight off.

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