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The Secret to Long-Term Weight Loss is Having the Right Partner
Have You Had Your Annual Weight Screening Yet?

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How Water Helps with Weight Loss

Learning how much water is enough and ways to stay hydrated can make a big difference in your health and personal energy and can be a factor in successful weight loss.

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Your Guide to Smart Supermarket Shopping

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, smart food shopping is a must. If the thought of navigating your local grocery store makes you wish for a map and compass, let these supermarket shopping tips guide you on your next trip.

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Pushing Past Plateaus

If you’ve been on your medical weight loss plan for a while, you may see your weight loss slowing a bit. While watching the pounds dropping off more slowly can be frustrating, it’s also normal. The trick is to do some detective work to figure out how to help get the scale moving again.

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Your Body Weight vs. Body Composition: What’s the Difference?

The CMWL program uses a body composition scale—in addition to a regular scale—to help measure your progress. How does the body composition scale help you lose weight?

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The Role of Exercise in Losing Weight and Keeping It Off!

You’ve probably heard that exercise is crucial for weight loss. But research suggests that working out is most essential for keeping off the weight once you’ve lost it.

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